Smoked Sausage

Our smoked sausage is made with the best pork, perfectly seasoned, and smoked over an open flame, with real hickory wood.  It’s perfect for eating all on its own, sliced on a cracker with cheese, as part of a salad, a pizza topping, or mix it with pasta.  It doesn’t matter how you eat this one, just eat it, and you won’t be able to stop!

Hot Smoked Sausage

We started with our Original Smoked Sausage and took it one step further.  Just like the original, we smoke this perfectly seasoned sausage over an open flame, with real hickory wood.  This hot version has all the amazing flavor of the original with an added cayenne kick.  It’s just hot enough that you have to have another one.

Sausage Patties

Our tasty breakfast sausage is just like the sausage that Grandma used to make.  Our “Southern style” seasoning incorporates a hint of sage.  Always made with the freshest pork, it's a great addition to any breakfast table.

Sausage Links

With the same delicious flavor profile as our sausage patties, these links are a breakfast must-have.
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